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Monday, June 17, 2013

Little Black Bag First Impressions

After reading a lot of blogposts and watching some youtube videos about My Little Black Bag (LBB) I finally decided to take a plunge and made my first order. Not only that but I became a member of their VIP program. And I have to say I am glad I did.

On LBB you pick 1 item at a discount price of up to 70% off, the have jewelry, skincare, shoes, and other accesories to choose from. Then you can go ahead an make your purchase or you can choose to bundle your pick and their stylists will add up to 3 more items based on your personal style. After this, you can purchase or you can trade with other members of the site for up to 1 week until you are completely satisfied with all your items. The traiding is so much fun it can become addicting. 

If you decide to become a VIP member you will pay $9.95 a month which will become a credit that you can use that month or save for a few months or you can skip the month and not get charged. VIPs also get a special gift with purchase which varies every month.

Here's an invite in case you decide to give it a go and you get 25% off your first order..

I got quite a few items in my first order: 3 pairs of Lydell NYC earrings (my favorite pair are the coral studs), Deux Lux Gigi coin pouch which was my first pick, Flea market girl chain necklace (I was a bit disappointed because the necklace looked more gold on the website and it is actually copper), and Skyn Iceland glacial cleansing cloths (I will be doing an indepth review on these once I use them a bit more).

Overall I am very please with all the items I got and I think you get a lot for the price you pay and as I mentioned the traiding is a lot of fun. The shipping did take quite a bit but its not too bad. So far so good I will post another review once I place my second order. 

Hope you enjoyed, 

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